Q&A with S H A R O N  C H R I S T A L 



Q: You've consulted on the grand opening of luxury brands in every premium retail center in Las Vegas, how do you approach the campaign?

A: It begins with an understanding of the luxury industry, a willingness to work with management and fellow retailers toward the overall success of everyone involved, and ideally begin as early as possible to position the client for the lion's share of publicity.



Q: You were the media strategist on the two largest personal injury verdicts in U.S. history. The campaign generated international coverage. How were you able to make the story consistently relevant to a world audience?

A: It was a round-the-clock commitment to serving as a link between the client and the press, a daily search to find the story, and media know-how to put the story in the right hands in the right way.

Q: What is the common link with clients?

A: While it's defined differently by each client, ultimately they're interested in results. 

Q: Why would a company with an in-house PR department hire an outside publicist?

A: To implement a roll-out quickly and efficiently requires knowledgeable, well connected local representation that can work seamlessly with corporate staff.

Q: What is the typical length of time that you represent a client?

A: In some cases, I've been responsible for a pre-launch which may include a groundbreaking, grand opening or special event, and then the service is moved in-house as with Motown Cafe. In other cases, I've represented clients for seven years or longer as with Caviarteria Champagne & Caviar Bar, Lassen Gallery, and Great American Capital.

Q: Who would you like to work with?

A: Real Estate Developer R. Donahue Peebles & JetSuite, innovators in hybrid electric aircraft.


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